Pants That Make You Dance

People always tell me to do more guy posts, so BOYS, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!

Just what any guy needs for those Summer Fridays to go from office chic to Pink Taco drinks in a matter of seconds-- these innovative pants from Artiano Sharma can be worn both day and night.

Meeting in a talent agency mailoom, co-owners Daniel and Bharat talk below about their line and all that inspired them to make it.

Fashionlaine: How did you come up with the concept of these pants and the two-tone aspect? Artiano Sharma: We began by bouncing ideas off of each other during our time in the mailroom between lunch breaks, delivering packages and driving around clients, etc. We knew we wanted something slightly different, something enduring and versatile, but with a bit of an edge, which meant that it needed to stand out in a sea of grey and navy but not so much that we would be called up to HR if we wore them to the office.

FL: How do you guys get the inspiration for the styles, colors, and brands? AS: From the start, we knew that there were far too many options on the market. Do I buy the 511 or the 510? The urban slim, skinny fit, or the slim-straight? If you walk into any store, you have about a dozen options in the trouser department.  So our primary objective was to make one silhouette that works well for a slimish body type.  Of course, a lot of our choices were dictated by how much we could spend on development , but ultimately, our constraints worked in our favor, allowing us to focus on delivering one type of pant in one type of fit that would work for a specific set of guys. It was also important to make some non-obvious choices with our color palette.  The olive/cream, navy/scarlet, mulberry/mint are all slightly to the left of your typical grays, blues, and earth tones, but not so flashy that you can’t wear them in a work environment.

FL: What are both of your personal styles and how did you use both of your tastes to come up with the ideas of your line? AS:We have a fair amount in common, although we place individual emphasis on different parts of an outfit.  Daniel is a little more buttoned-up and focuses on drape and fit, while Bharat fishes for compliments, and is interested in color and aesthetic appeal.  Our final product is a happy marriage of both sensibilities.

I'm obviously all about doing what you love and creating something fun for you (and your friends) to enjoy and do. And when that involves a new fashion mastermind creation, you know I love it even more. Cute, fun, creative and super stylish, these bottoms are such a must and are pants that me wanna dance in joy!