Polka Dot Swoons

You know when there's that article of clothing you're practically obsessed with that you do one of two things to? Either A) you wear it like every other second because somehow that shirt or skirt is the only thing you suddenly have in your closet and is the only thing that goes with everything you own. Or B) you keep saving it because it's so perfect that you don't want to just pair it with any old combo and are waiting for the right moment(s) to debut it. Well for today, point B is definitely what has been going on with my obsession with this polka dotted number from one of my all-time fave brands, Crowned Bird. Such a cute, whimsical and fun pattern, cut, and look, I always have so many places that I want to wear out this top to, yet none seem perfect enough for the occasion.  Pairing it up today with a Viento ear cuff and cutesy white skater skirt and heels, there's no way one doesn't swoon over these polka dots.

Top: Crowned Bird // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: BCBG // Jewelry: Nissa Jewelry (stacked rings, black/gold ring), Viento (ear cuff)