Pure Gold

I had known Tania from afar for years, but never really too well. Always dubbing her as the way cuter doppleganger version of Ashlee Simpson circa her "Autobiography" days,  all that I was definitely sure about at the time was that Tania was some super stylish girl that I would always see around. It was not until we traveled abroad together this past summer living in a tiny 6 by 6 boxed room and simultaneously pulled out our bag of essential headbands that we packed away for those three weeks that I fully came to get to know Tania and appreciate her as not only my headbanded soulmate and twin, but also as my good friend. When they say the phrase "it runs in the family", they must have made that up to talk about the fashion genes flowing in Tania's. With parents who are jewelers and a sister who has just as an amazing style as she does and her own clothing store that I'm obsessed with called Samira's Closet, it's no surprise that Tania's style is impeccable. Getting a lot of her inspiration from fashionistas like Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe, the difference between Tania and other trend followers is that she doesn't just go with any old popular style because it's popular-- she does it in a way if it's right and works for her; if she doesn't fully love the look, then it's a quick no-go despite what other trendsetters are saying. And that's something only real fashionistas know how to do.

I think of Tania as the jewelry queen, always wearing the most amazing pieces a girl can come across. As headbands are my signature, jewelry is that to her--never leaving the house without a handful of rings and an armful of bracelets. Through my friendship with Tania, one of the best lessons I have learned is the concept of goldplating your jewels. Have a Forever 21 ring or necklace you absolutely love that's changed color? No problem. Just get it goldplated and it's set for life. And as we all know how much I love finding amazing deals (including with jewelry), this vital life lesson has made me into a goldplating machine. But through all the lessons, bondings we have over headbands, and jokes we've created to last a lifetime, what I've come to see the most with Tania is that from all of the golden pieces that she sports or wears, it's her golden heart that's the prettiest and most stylish of them all.

Shirt: Samira's Closet // Pants: J Brand // Shoes: Steve Madden // Purse: Tory's Burch // Necklace: Samira's Closet // Bracelets and Rings: Vintage