Rainy Days

Rainy Day Outfit 1 The best part about LA is the supreme weather we are usually blessed with. It was practically like 100 degrees all summer long (aka perfect crop top weather) and it's already November and we're still able to make our way out the doors with a tshirt and maybe shorts sometimes. But while I probably wouldn't trade this weather for the world (because the second it gets a bit chilly I can't even stand being outside), I do miss the feelings of the different seasons and being able to enjoy a typical fall or winter (leaves, snow, and all). So that one day a few weeks back when it decided to rain for like 4 hours, I got so excited! Which actually is shocking to me because I don't like when it rains-- it's too difficult to maneuver around in with wardrobe and slushy shoes. But that day, I excitedly chose my rainy day outfit which included some tights and a beanie (of course), and grabbed the biggest umbrella I had lying around to do something every other fashionista would or did do... a photoshoot.

Jacket: H&M Dress: Samira's Closet Beanie: H&M (similar here) Tights: H&M Shoes: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Nails: Scratch It Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Rosena Sammi Ring: House of Harlow

Rainy Day Outfit 2

Rain Outfit 3

Rainy 4

Rainy Day Outfit 3

House of Harlow and Nail Art

Rainy Day Outfit 4

Rainy 7