Right At Home

Brentwood Country Mart is one of my all-time favorite places to go to in LA. Such an under the radar little area, this place has it all-- the cute little ice cream shop on the corner, a botany store to pick up some flowers, book store, restaurants and more; it's like a little village that I can stay in forever. So when Graham & Spencer decided to open up a store in the space for their line Velvet by Graham & Spencer, they quickly fit in as the new neighbors. With an adorable homey layout where you feel like you're entering a modern day cottage, and with wooden fixtures left in the ceiling from when the space was first built out years ago, you feel quickly welcomed. Last night was the celebration of the store opening with owners Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer in attendance as well as fashionistas including Emma Roberts, Jamie Chung, and Louise Roe who were all dressed in Graham & Spencer. The fun sounds of Michelle Pesce were being played while people sifted through the racks in the store, pulling out different pieces, trying them on to see which Velvet item they loved the most. With a line that is widely connected to Lily Aldridge who has been the face and a collaborator on it, this store is and the brand is definitely a must-have to check out!

Photo Credit: Charles Gallay/Getty Images