RiRi Hearts MAC

MAC. They just get me. With whatever it may be. Whenever I need to go do my makeup for an official event, I always want to go to MAC  because they know how to cater to my thick black eyeliner/ dark smokey eye obsession that I have, having the magical ability of making something like that look natural. But what's more amazing than the fact that they know how to cater to me and my eyeliner ways, is the fact that time and time again, they know how to beyond perfectly pick the most spot on ambassadors to collaborate with. Other than the Blacktrack Fluidline (which has literally been my eyeliner savior), hands down my favorite part about MAC's line are the ones with the celeb collaborations. Always impressed with their dead on ability to read my mind and pick the celeb that's on my MAC collabo wishlist, it's just another case in point on how MAC totally gets me.  A proud owner of practically all of Lady Gaga's collabo line when it was out, the MAC collaborations provide fans like me with unique combinations and color palettes that you didn't even know you wanted until they made it.

And who better for the latest ambassador than Rihanna? A lover of her style and swag, what Rihanna's probably known for just as much as her ensembles, hairstyles and music is her makeup and lip color (always personally dying to know what lipstick she uses because they're always killer). And while she's already had a previous collabo with MAC prior and this current line has been out at MAC only since September (which has pretty much sold out already!), this new line finally officially expands to hit all stores today, becoming the perfect timing for me to excel in my efforts with the best fall makeup. With pieces named cute things like "Bad Girl Gone Good" and "Gigablack", whether you're a Rihanna fan or not, this new collection is completely calling your name... and completely calling me to finally be able to achieve my dreams of channeling my inner RiRi.