Sundance 2014: Street Style

Sundance Street Style Photos shot with my Samsung Galaxy Camera

Packing for trips is always stressful because you never know what you're going to want to wear and at least for me, I need about 20 options per outfit just in case if plan A sucks, plan B doesn't fit right, and I'm over plan C. But packing for the snow? That's just taking on the impossible! Snow boots, puffy jackets, and fur vests and hats? That's not typically in my forte (or my closet), so as you can probably imagine, I was a little freaking out as I was getting ready to embrace the snow in Park City. Always googling and searching things like "Sundance Fashion" to get an idea of what others wear to look cute in the freezing snow, I decided to grab my Samsung Galaxy Camera and take it to the streets of Main to find you guys my ultimate favorite looks and ensembles from this past weekend!

Sundance Fashion Alexander, Conquistador

Sometimes it becomes stressful and challenging to know when to wear fur or when to just leave it at home. But with this look, it was all about putting it altogether! When I first saw this fur on fur ensemble, it quickly caught my eye, making me love every single thing about it.

Sundance Fashion Elena Bugaeva

When I think of the iconic snow bunny, I think of a cute puffy jackets, adorable ski/snow pants, fun snow boots, and the most chic head piece anyone could find. And this one just does them all.

Sundance Fashion Yara Castillo

When going for a jacket to brace the cold in, everyone typically just goes for a big puffy one as it makes the most sense. Yet, this not-so-typical trench coat was to die for, making me kinda wish I brought something other than my puffy hoods.

Sundance Fashion Calli Nielsen, Aimee Archbold, Lindsey Feil

It's all about putting your own flare to your looks to make things your own. And I feel like with dressing for the snow, that can get challenging sometimes because all you want to first and foremost do is make sure you're warm. But from plaid to floral to cheetah, these girls show that you can do it all by adding a touch of pattern to your look.

Skateboard Fashion Jeremiah Pagquette, Jordan Harper

There's not too much to say about these two except for the fact that I simply love their styles. While everyone is embracing the snow bunny/ ski town ways, what I loved about their looks is that they weren't trying to be anyting extra than what they typically wear, keeping root to their skateboarder meets hipstereque ways.

Sundance Fashion Jamie Masters

Sometimes you don't need much at all to make an outfit look amazing. Taking away all the flashy accessories and leaving it really minimal, what I love about this outfit is the simple feeling to it that still ends up leaving a lasting mark.

Sundance Fashion Amy Ferguson

Someone had asked me what I was most looking forward to seeing in terms of fashion at Sundance, and the first thought that came to mind was beanies and headwear (naturally). Feeling like that's always my go-to way to make statements with my looks, you could only imagine how much I freaked out when I saw this amazing panda beanie which perfectly put the finishing touches to this already amazing outfit.

Sundance Fashion Mollie Moore

Your outer layer is what everyone focuses on as that's the main thing everyone will see at first, but it's also about what you're wearing underneath that counts as well. And while everyone was pulling out the stops with every plaid button down they owned, this Jac Vanek one near and far won the cake.

Sundance Fashion Milena Korolczuk, Neil Chada

For those Sundancers that are on-the-go... and actually watching movies and partaking in the actual film portion of the festival instead of just the parties, you're going to need an outfit that isn't too taxing and annoying to deal with, and these two knew the perfect formula.

Sundance Fashion Christina Myers

While everyone (aka me) thinks it may all be about the head accessories that can make or break an outfit, let's not forgot about another very essential portion-- the sunglasses. On top of the cute jacket and sweater combo, this outfit made me instantly stop in my tracks because of the floral sunnies that went with it.

Animal Jackets Gigi Freyeisen, Mollie Moore

I've lately become completely obsessed with animal print, and anyone that knows how to wear it correctly. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across these unreal animal-esque print patterned jackets that were probably by far my favorite jackets of the whole trip.

Fur Vests Dana Steere

When I think about my fave go-to snow outfit, I'll envision some form of a warm top, fur vest, and snow boots. And this outfit killed it so hard (in the best way ever) by making the vision I had not only into a reality but surpassing it.

Sundance Fashion JJ Soria, Tara Holt

What's the best about all the events that took place was that once you got inside, the venues were so warm that you could strip away all the layers that you brought with you. So what does one wear inside is also a big stress and issue! But these two had it handled. Still sticking to the winter chic theme of the week with the gloves and beanies, they knew how to still keep it cool indoors.

Sundance Fashion Kevin Combs

I think what intrigues me the most about the snow is that there's a whole fashion just for what you wear for skiing and snowboarding. With the fun and bright colors that make up this outfit from head to toe, while this may not have been an ensemble of someone partaking in the Sundance festivities, the homage to the actual snowboarding aspect of Utah makes this kinda my favorite outfit of the weekend.