Painting The Town

Making some major changes and readjustments as I mentioned last week, obviously the first thing that this would call for would be a paint job.  Redoing a whole space and converting it into my future Fashionlaine headquarters (you can check out some sneak peek pics on my Instagram @lainey__g), I made a casual Sunday into a trip to the paint store. Feeling like I was back in art class and going through a lesson of primary colors and the color wheel, I sifted through different palettes (from a golden Manilla Tint to an aqua Mint Majesty) to figure out what colors would suit me, my style, and my future new digs the best. Clearly getting into the spirit and theme of things with my outfit, nothing says getting painting done much like these Modern Lux floral overalls, TOMS tie up shoes, and a casual weekend turban.

Overalls: Modern Lux // Top: American Apparel // Shoes: TOMS // Purse: H&M // Headband: Created by me // Jewelry: BCBGeneration (Boss bracelet) , Forever 21 (Studded bracelets), Forever 21 (finger ring)

Jean Skirt Days

When I'm out shopping,  usually if I'm picking between a pair of shorts or a skirt, for some reason, I always resonate with the shorts (high waisted ones to be exact). But it seems like the skater skirt rage that has been taking over the world this past year has found a way to slither into my heart and make me choose skirts more and more. But the jean version of the skater skirts is really where it's at this summer. Remember back in the day when everyone would wear those denim mini jean skirts out and to school? I probably had like 5 different versions that I would alternate between for my outfits. Well while those days may be behind me, I think I'm slowly reliving it through this new fad that's one of my must-haves and obsessions come this summer. Throw on a bandeau top and some floral sunnies and you're officially ready for a jean skirt summer.

Top: Wet Seal (similar here) // Skirt: Topshop // Shoes: TOMS // Sunglasses: Sweet On The Eyes // Jewelry: Nissa Jewelry (bracelet), Viento (ring)

Little Red Riding

As I've expressed before when I dedicated a look of the day to Drake and his YOLO ways, I love tees with sayings. But what I love most are tees with sayings that represent and have meaning to something bigger and greater like this TOMS "One for One" shirt. TOMS has been all the rage for quite some time now and I know why. Being able to successfully create a line of super stylish items that first started off with shoes, and then expanded to clothes, glasses, and more, TOMS already knew how to quickly reel in all the fashionistas of the world. But then adding an amazing charity component of giving back or giving "one for one"  with for example a pair of shoes to a child in need when one is purchased, TOMS knew how to add an additional layer, making fashionistas all over the world not feel bad for once about spending their money. Pairing a little bit of TOMS with some red shorts and a red headband that I found from when I was a little Lainey girl, today's look was inspired by my take on a modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood, but unlike the real Red Riding, nothing will stand in the way of me and this outfit, not even a big bad wolf.


Shirt: TOMS // Shorts: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: H&M // Headband: Vintage // Bracelet: BCBG // Ring: Forever 21