Gangster Chick

Gangster Chick I think the best part about fashion is the fact that it allows you to be whoever you want to be (I'm pretty sure that's why I celebrated Halloween for like a month-- I had a whole month of excuses to dress up and be whoever and whatever!). But on a typical day, if I'm feeling like a boho/hipster-- I just put on a floppy hat and a long dress and call it a day. Feeling like a prepster? I throw on a collared button up and some glasses and I'm good to go. I can always change who I am and express myself through different styles and clothes. And that fully goes with today's fall outfit which I have categorized as my "gangster chick" persona. Feeling like a little rebel with my LA fall beanie, leather vest, and combat boots, I obviously had to add my little Lainey flare with the jewelry and colored patterned pants to make this gangster chick still a Fashionlainer.

Top: American Apparel Pants: DeLacy Vest: Forever 21 Beanie: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Shoes: Bulboxer Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Ring: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Nissa Jewelry 

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Rainy Days

Rainy Day Outfit 1 The best part about LA is the supreme weather we are usually blessed with. It was practically like 100 degrees all summer long (aka perfect crop top weather) and it's already November and we're still able to make our way out the doors with a tshirt and maybe shorts sometimes. But while I probably wouldn't trade this weather for the world (because the second it gets a bit chilly I can't even stand being outside), I do miss the feelings of the different seasons and being able to enjoy a typical fall or winter (leaves, snow, and all). So that one day a few weeks back when it decided to rain for like 4 hours, I got so excited! Which actually is shocking to me because I don't like when it rains-- it's too difficult to maneuver around in with wardrobe and slushy shoes. But that day, I excitedly chose my rainy day outfit which included some tights and a beanie (of course), and grabbed the biggest umbrella I had lying around to do something every other fashionista would or did do... a photoshoot.

Jacket: H&M Dress: Samira's Closet Beanie: H&M (similar here) Tights: H&M Shoes: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Nails: Scratch It Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Rosena Sammi Ring: House of Harlow

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Rainy Day Outfit 3

House of Harlow and Nail Art

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Fall Honey

Fall Fashion 1 If there's one thing that's a necessity for fall fashion, it's definitely a beanie. I remember when I purchased my first beanie almost this time a year ago, I hoped that I would be able to rock it successfully in my looks. And I'm pretty sure that ever since then, I have rocked them nonstop (without trying to be a beanie overloader). I've come to learn throughout this year of playing and experimenting even more so with fashion, that it's ok to step outside of your comfort zone. Because once you accept trying to add changes to your wardrobes and looks, everything becomes naturally apart of your style if you own it! Pairing today's look with the other must-have fall fashion items, I grab one of my all-time fave plaid shirts, a high-low skirt, Bongo suede wedges, and a bright red Kardashian Kollection purse to tie the whole outfit together. Obviously having to throw in some Honey bling into the mix, I think it's safe to say I'm the Fallest Honey there is.

Shirt: Vintage (similar here) Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: Sears Purse: Sears Beanie: Forever 21 (similar here) Necklace: Nasty Gal Bracelet: Nissa Jewelry, Viento Rings: H&M, Viento 

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Honey 5