Fashionlaine Friday: Oscars Flashback

oscars acceptance speech The final stretch of the major award season is amongst  us with the ever so coveted Academy Awards this Sunday. But why are the Oscars such a big deal you may ask? Sure, people can say it's all about the fancy and stunning dresses we see grace the beautiful red carpet or it's because we get to see all of our favorite A-list actors and actresses from Leonardo DiCaprio to Meryl Streep sit in a room all together. But to me and to many others, the Oscars are so important because they represent that sign of accomplishment and achievement that anyone in the film industry can only dream of. I mean... I'm not even close to being an actress and I can only imagine what that would be like! Like any Olympic athlete that devotes their lives to training years and years on end to get to the level of being in the Olympics let alone winning a bronze, silver, or gold medal-- actors, directors, producers, and writers too devote years of their lives to just one movie to perfectly get their visions, statements, words, and expressions across. So making just one movie alone and having that even becoming successful is a triumph in itself. And then to go on to even being nominated for an Oscar or more so win one? Now, that's such a dream that not many can easily say has become a reality.

So to me, the Oscars are the best because you actually get to see the immediate emotions and feelings these hardworking and talented people go through as they see their work and dreams finally being recognized and appreciated. And while many try to be graceful as they go up to accept their award, there's always been one acceptance moment and speech that has always been ingrained in my mind as the symbol as to what the Oscars really mean.

For those who haven't seen the movie "Life Is Beautiful", I highly recommend you getting on your Netflix or hopping to a local movie rental store ASAP.