Leader Of The Pack

You don't have to have a certain style to be a fashion leader, and Bardia shows us just that. With looks that can range from hipster to classic prep to rugged, Bardia loves experimenting in all fields of fashion, proving to his friends and people around him that you don't have to stereotype yourself into one box or look. While Bardia's ensembles may look simple, the simplicity is the key ingredient to becoming a showstopper. Loving to take items and pieces that people may not typically wear and adding it to his own look, Bardia loves to set by example for the people around him, pushing them to conjure up their own styles as well. Being able to help his friends of all different fashion roots put outfits together is one of Bardia's favorite things to do, trying to lead by example and show that you don't need to dress a certain way to understand the concept and styles of fashion.

Jacket: Hollister // Shirt: H&M // Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch // Shoes: Sperry // Belt: Gucci // Bracelet: Boutique in Brazil

Red And Gold

You know those times when you're completely minding your own business and just walking to your next destination, and then you see something absolutely breathtaking in a store window that makes you completely stop in your tracks? That was exactly the moment I had with this dress. Yet another amazing design by Shareen, this red and gold number was nothing short of stunning. I obviously had to go into the store and try this on, and my love for it was kind of a done deal after that. When I first saw this dress, I thought it would be perfect for the winter/holidays. But now that we're heading into Valentine's day, and then spring, and then summer, you can see how useful and versatile this dress can be throughout all the seasons and events, which is always an important factor for me to consider. The fit and cut of the dress is so cute and unique, you'll undoubtedly be the belle of the ball wherever you're wearing this at.

Dress: Shareen // Shoes: Steve Madden // Bracelets: Forever 21

Back To Black

If you're anything like me, Black Friday sales are overwhelming. The thought of going to stores, pushing through hurdles, and sifting through piles gives me anxiety. You always hear all those amazing stories about the people that get those ridiculous deals on those fabulous brands. But I'm that girl that walks into that same store and somehow manages to buy an amazing outfit... for full price. So for those of you who are as unsuccessful with Black Friday as I am, I have broken down a guide of some great deals on FULL priced items (for both the guys and girls!)  from a few of my favorite stores that you can get without having to push through crowds and wait in lines.

TOP: Probably the best part about winter is the fact that you get to wear sweaters. When I feel it get even the slightest bit chilly outside, the first thing I'll do is bust out the comfy sweater. For the girls, this wool sweater with black zipper details on the side (H&M,$14.95) and for the guys, this shawl collar pullover (Forever 21, $24.90) are both perfect tops to keep you warm yet stylish all winter long.

BOTTOM: For the girls, this leather skirt (Forever 21, $17.80) is literally to die for. I'm currently very into the high waisted skirts that flare and you can tuck shirts into. I recently saw a similar skirt to this at Zara for $70-80, so this deal is definitely a steal. For the guys, the fitted suit pants (H&M, $29.95) are a must. If you don't own a pair of these already, you should rethink your suit collection ASAP.

SHOES: For the girls, studs are very in right now. You'll see them on heels, combat boots, sneakers, and more and these studded flats (Aldo, $27.49) are way too perfect to pass up on. As for the guys, I love a good pair of sneakers when I see them, and when I saw these high tops (Aldo, $29.99) I couldn't stop staring at them.

ACCESSORIES: For the girls, I'm currently obsessed with these statement bracelets (BCBG, $26) with super cute sayings like "Cray" and "Boss". I bought a pair of the smaller version (2 for $18!) and wear them religiously every day. I'm now even contemplating going back and buying the bigger ones as well.  For the guys, my all time favorite accessory has got to be the skinny tie (H&M, $12.95). It makes any outfit look crisper, any suit look more fashionable, and any guy look cuter. If you don't have the skinny in your tie collection, this deal is worth it while it lasts.