Accepting Changes

It's so crazy how fast time is flying, things are changing, and people are growing up. From my sister that I wrote about a few weeks ago to my friends, it seems like everyone is growing on up these days! I remember when I was younger, I thought to myself  "wow, when I'm in college, I'm going to be so big." And now I've graduated from college and am a full time working girl. When did this happen? While the future is scary because you look back and see how much has changed from when you were younger (or even just to see how much has changed simply just from the year before), it's also exciting to embrace those changes and look forward to what's to come ahead. Last weekend were two of my friends graduations and another friend's bridal shower party. To commemorate such monumental moments, I knew I needed the perfect dress, and this Gentle Fawn one did just that. Such a perfect blend of colors thrown in with my ultimate fave high to low drape, while I may not be ready for all these changes, I was sure dressed for it.

Dress: Gentle Fawn // Shoes: H&M // Belt: H&M // Jewelry: House of Harlow (necklace, similar here), Nissa Jewelery (bracelets here and here), House of Harlow (Starbust ring), BCBGeneration (gold finger ring)

(500) Days of Summer (Skirts)

It seems to me like the skirt phase will never fade. I remember last summer when these long skirts were just happening and getting super popular, I was tempted to buy all the colors that American Apparel had to offer, but decided to simmer down and test out the style with only a few standard colors. Not originally a long wearing skirt type, I wasn't sure that the skirts would completely come together with my typical daily look. Now, a year later, as I sift through my closet trying to put outfits together for either a casual day or a dressy night, it seems like everything I want to mix and match together involves a vision that has to include a long skirt. I've come to see that these babies have endless possibilities. Whether you want to pair them down with sandals and sunnies or heels and a Tory Burch purse, these once not so versatile pieces (or so I thought), have been becoming the most versatile pieces I own. And that will come in handy for one's upcoming (500) days of summer.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Skirt: Melrose // Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Purse: H&M// Sunglasses: Fairfax Flea Market // Necklace: H&M // Bracelet: Forever 21