The Stylish Guide 2 Ur Valentine's Heart

valetine's day gift guide Valentine's Day. It's such an awkward day. It's not someone's birthday. It's not an anniversary. And it's not the December major-present-giving holidays. So what is Valentine's Day really? And what does one get as a present for their Valentine? Turning this day into being one of the most stressful, time consuming, and high-expectation involved holidays that it really didn't have to be, it's time to take it back to its simplicity and enjoyment. In actuality, Valentine's Day should simply be an extra day in the year to remind the person you're with that you love them (while having loads of chocolate at the same time). So with that, I decided to come up with a fun little Valentine's Day gift guide to help give ideas to you boys (or for you girls to hint at your boyfriends) on some cute gifts to buy that special someone this Valentine's Day without breaking the bank... or your sanity. And for those Fashionlainers who are flying solo this year, these gift ideas are so amazing and simple that they're so well-worth the self Valentine's Day present purchase-- and you know what, you deserve it!

1) Arthur George, $15: How freakin cute are these socks?! Nothing says "I love you" more like wearing it on the soles of your feet. And clearly no one knew that better than creator of the line himself, Rob Kardashian. If you're looking for a cute, creative, and inexpensive gift to give to your other half this Vday, this is definitely the one for it! And the pairs are so cheap that you can buy a few different sets of these fun colors and sayings that will last way past Valentine's Day.

2) Tiffany & Co, $275: For those looking to spend a little more money on a present for your sweetheart, there's only one trusty and reliable place that comes to mind--Tiffany & Co. You can never go wrong with a little T&Co jewelry right? But there's so many amazing pieces to choose from, where to begin? What to get?! Well look no further because I think I found the most gorgeous and most perfect Valentine's Day necklace of them all. Their iconic dog tag collar with a twist, this rose heart necklace in the form of a Rubedo metal will hands down do that woo'ing factor you're looking to achieve.

3) M·A·C Cosmetics, $15$16, $22: A girl's best friend is the lipstick that she wears. And I think every guy can agree on that. And if you're looking for the perfect way to compliment the perfect lips of your favorite girl, there's clearly only one choice for that-- M·A·C. Yet, don't settle for one lip color or shade, but instead, splurge on a few and get a whole set. Boys, you will by far be the coolest boyfriend on the block if you get your hands on the highly in demand new RiRi Viva Glam line before it gets sold out. And why not throw in a mineralized cherry on top of the set? Add on, what I'm recently obsessed with, the Mineralize Rich Lipstick, to perfectly complete the package and make your girl fully impressed by your stylish makeup taste (my favorite shade is "Dreaminess").

4) Marc by Marc Jacobs, $110: How about some Valentine's Day themed sunglasses to gift to the honey? Well Marc Jacobs has got you covered (literally). These super adorable heart printed glasses with an equally amazing sunglass frame are going to make for the best and most stylish shades a girl can get.

5) Charlotte Olympia, $1595: Ok, I know I said that I would suggest items that you can get on any minimal budget, but I really just couldn't go on with completing a gift guide without including this freakin amazingly adorable Charlotte Olympia clutch. Yes, this is a clutch purse. Like, what? Is this for real?! How cool would it be if you had a gummy bear clutch as your accessory at the next party you went to?  I know. Too. Die. For. Too adorable, this purse is definitely worth the splurge-- and boys, you will be definitely worth the keeps for the long run if you get this.

6) The Art of Shaving, $60; Lacoste $69: And don't think I forgot about presents for the boys! When thinking of the ultimate VDay present, a go-to choice is a perfume or cologne. So why not get the best of the best? Ladies, for your man, how much more perfect can it get than getting him a whole shaving kit from The Art of Shaving? With pre-shave gel, shaving cream, badger hair shaving brush, and after-shave lotion, he'll thank you every morning for making him (and his face) fully prepared for the day. Or if you're looking for just a simple cologne, the blend of ginger, black pepper, and cardamom that make up the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 would be the perfect addition to your man's cologne collection.

And there you have it! Simple, affordable, and fun presents for all. These gifts help make Valentine's Day something you won't dread coming around every year and instead, something to look forward to in sharing with your loved one!