The Art Of Rompers

I think it was probably around 2007 when I first locked my eyes on rompers. I saw a picture of Nicole Richie (obviously) wearing this navy blue cotton short one that was spaghetti strap and had white lace trim around the top and I pretty much automatically fell in love--needing to get in on this romper fiasco ASAP. What was then such a simple, plain romper and look that could have almost borderline dueled as pajamas, turned into a trend and frenzy that has created some of the best ensembles I have ever seen. Back then when I first started telling my friends about my new romper obsession, they didn't really get it, thinking this fad would go out of style by the end of that summer. But as we have all come to see, this was never just a fad, but has actually become a very vital and staple piece of people's wardrobes, collections, and ensembles. Other than being known for my headband obsession ways, I have very well established myself along with the ways of the rompers. And even with a look like today's where I'm wearing a long pant version with a crazy floral pattern that many would probably not be caught wearing, I've learned how to work the romper look into my persona and attires, mastering making them look less like pajamas and more like a necessity in your wardrobe.

Jacket: H&M // Romper: H&M // Shoes: Wet Seal