The Belle of the Bottoms

Remember when bell bottoms were cool? Like in the 70s. And then back in the 90s. And then they were this horrendous style that no one would rather be caught dead in in between? Well looking at the math, clearly this bell bottom rage tends to come back every 20 years or so, so of course this year has been the prime return of the bell bottoms. I've been looking for the perfect pair forever-- wanting something that pays ode to the classic bell ways, but yet is fashion forward for this new day and age and manages to not look so wide and gross, as if I'm going to mop the floor with the bottom of my pants. Trying desperately to find a jean pair, but of course, since I'm not really a jean owner, that route didn't seem too practical. So low and behold, with no surprise, my all-time favorite store American Apparel had the answers to my prayers. Absolutely in love with the sheer look that's seen on a lot of my long skirts, when I first caught a glimpse of these pants, I practically fell over in excitement, with the American Apparel worker basically almost needing to run over and catch me. Fashion forward? Check. Perfect bottom width? Check. Fits my style casually and naturally? Triple check. It just comes to show that with a trend and a will, there's a way. Step outside of the box for what you're looking for. I kept tying to fit a pair of bell bottom jeans into my style and look, and clearly that wasn't working. When I opened up my eyes and mindset to let in other alternatives to the bell bottom ways, I was able to find a pair that was perfect for me.

Top: Kaitlyn // Bottoms: American Apparel // Hat: H&M // Jewelry: Forever 21 (stoned bracelet), BCBGeneration (finger ring) // Shoes: Steve Madden