The Greentag

The main basis behind the creation of Fashionlaine was to inspire people. Whether that meant inspiring others with wardrobe ideas and suggestions or whether that meant inspiring others to go out in the world and just do what they've always wanted to do. But I also always look to others for inspiration, hence a whole tab dedicated to them. What I love most though, is when I find others that come back and inspire me. Today's must-have is dedicated to a clothing line that was also created around this same basis -- Greentag was designed around the idea of wanting to inspire others with creativity through the attempt of making the world a better place. Greentag is a clothing line and company that believes in the idea that even something small can do great things. They're a company of dreamers, optimists, and hopefuls.

The whole basis behind Greentag is to help the environment by designing super cool products with minimal environmental impact-- promoting sustainable living while inspiring others to stand up for Mother Nature. It takes 700 gallons of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, and instead of doing the same old thing and creating cool shirts on new materials, they really go deep into the idea of reusing and recycling, and instead, salvage old vintage shirts and materials and create new products out of them. With super cool designs and sayings like the one on my tee that says "Mother Nature is not a MILF", Greentag's look is street art meets environmentalism.

Convinced that you want to help Mother Nature now to? Well Greentag needs YOUR help! While creating eco-friendly gear is glamorous and saving the world, it doesn't come cheap either. Textile resellers ask for a high minimum and so in order for Greentag to be able to produce their official first run of inventory, they need your help to fundraise. Just in time for Earth Day, from now until May 13, Greentag will be working to raise money on Kickstarter for their ideas, beliefs, and vision. Greentag was created by people who just want to help make a difference in this world. That along with the super stylish looks and ideas alone will help take this brand and belief places.

Help them fundraise and spread the word by going to their Kickstarter website here!

Shirt: Greentag // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Headband: Fairfax Flea Market