The Unexpected Prep

While many mistakenly take his name and super friendly and welcoming attitude/demeanor as someone from the South, my inspiration of the day, Brooks, comes straight from Phoenix, Arizona. What drew me to Brooks' style was how clean and well put together his outfits were every single time. Brooks' look is preppy, but trendy, combining your iconic and classic button down and blazer with a twist. With a casual yet classy style that can easily be compared to the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Brooks strives to take the prep look to new levels, putting in unexpected pieces into his everyday ensembles. Working in the entertainment industry, Brooks loves being surrounded by people who take the typical suit look and add their own flare to it, appreciating and welcoming diversity and individuality. Stepping outside the box and adding in some not-so-typical plaid shirts or Sperrys to the mix, Hollywood better watch out because Brooks is coming in and changing the game.

Jacket: John Varvatos // Shirt: 1901 // Pants: Joe's Jeans // Shoes: Sperrys // Watch: Diesel // Ring: Family's Crest