2017 Vanity Fair Inspired Shoot: #TheSocialEdition

Photography: Leo Deveney

All the best ideas happen over lunch.

It all began when Diana Madison and I had a long overdue lunch a few weeks back that we had been putting off for months due to both of our nonstop hectic schedules. When we FINALLY got together over some delicious green matcha lattes at the cute little spot Olive + Thyme, we caught up on everything from upcoming Fashion Weeks, to her cute baby Colette, to of course, the most essential topic of rainbows and unicorns.

We started talking about how we must do a fun collaboration together soon since we're both all about doing unique and different things for both of our blogs and one thing led to another and the topic of the Oscars came up--because who doesn't love talking about red carpet and gowns? So from there, we came up with this idea of recreating the iconic Vanity Fair: "Hollywood Issue" they do every year in honor of the Oscars where they feature the leading actors in Hollywood from the year. Yet instead, we thought, why not replace the actors with digital influencers: bloggers, stylists, makeup artists, actresses, and more and create: THE SOCIAL EDITION. 

I believe in this crazy social media world that we live in today that in fact, us digital influencers, are becoming the new wave of "stars" in this community. So there we went, with the AMAZING help of Vita Liberata to put this concept into reality that I think is safe to safe was executed to a tee!

Thanks to all the girls that came together for mine and Diana's vision, this was surely but a fashionista's dream (and not just because I got an amazing tan and had the chance to wear a Michael Costello dress in the process!)

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and additional pictures from the shoot below!


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