Winter Draping

As a girl born and raised in LA, I can easily say that my interaction with snow has been at a minimal or if we want to be more specific... nonexistent. I am not a skiier or snowboarder, nor have I really ever done trips to the mountains like Big Bear or Mammoth. And to add on to it even more, I recall last year when I went to Utah for the first time, I was extremely baffled and puzzled with this concept of even seeing snow falling from the sky since I had never seen it before. So when I was packing for Sundance year two, you can imagine the distress I felt about trying to figure out what on earth to pack with me for this six day venture I was going to be embarking on to a place filled with this elusive and foreign concept of snow. While I didn't know what I was going to wear, I did know where to start... with headbands. I went on a little headband shopping rampage prior to this trip, but I have to admit that I found the perfect ones like this velvet turban with a bow in the back, allowing me to bring my LA style easily over to the snow. And from there, like clockwork, the rest of my outfit kind of fell into place with layers on layers and turtle necks and high knee socks topped off with my favorite drape-looking poncho.

Poncho: H&M // Shirt: Zara // Leggings: American Apparel // Socks: American Apparel // Shoes: Big 5 // Headband: Etsy