Zig Zag

What I love about LA is how even when the weather gets cold, it's still warm enough that you can put your own style and swag on the winter ensembles. This zig zag black and white jacket is currently one of my favorites pieces in my wardrobe for this winter, allowing my inner Gwen Stefani to come out and play. I'm always afraid of patterned clothing, wondering how many times I can actually wear it and how many outfits I can actually match it with. But once I convinced myself to move past the concerns, I've noticed that with some creativity, one can mix and match with a lot of things.

I have forever associated the age-old beanies as unstylish accessories that were solely created for the purposes of either a)  keeping people warm in the cold or b) allowing a select group of guys to look cute and stylish; the last thing I'd ever want to do is be caught wearing one. But over the past month, I've had a quick change of heart, seeing that girls too can make the beanie look trendy.What I've come to realize in the process of my beanie-loving transformation is that with any accessory, it's a matter of how you wear it and what you wear it with that makes all the difference. Anything, like beanies, can easily go from cold-defying shields to boho hipster convo starters with some thought.

Beanie: H&M // Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Top: H&M // Shorts: American Apparel // Shoes: Bulboxer (similar here) // Jewelry: Necklace (Forever 21, similar here), Ring (House of Harlow)